A note from our founder,

Audrey Dunham

My kitchen is my playground, a space for me to create scrumptious treats for my loved ones (and me!) to enjoy.

Starting from a young age, baking has played an important part in my journey through life. I truly cherish every moment, from being inspired by new ingredients, to sharing my decadent bakes with my family and friends. And now as a mother of twin boys, (who were born in the month of October, making them my Autumn Sons), both nourishment and taste play a huge role in my recipes.

There needs to be a sweet spot in baking where quality ingredients and indulgence blend to create something utterly delicious. My desire for a better way of eating for our family led me to discover the wonderful world of plant based foods. Of course, my boys and my husband, Jeff, are my happy taste-testers on this delicious adventure of ours. Three chocolate covered thumbs up and smiling faces all around are my sign - the recipes are ready!

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to this wonderful world, as well. Delve in, explore, and most importantly - enjoy!

Happy baking,